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Proof That 'Dwayne' Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Lives Of Countless People Around The World! 
From: Dwayne Jack

Do you want to change your life and connect with the power within, set your heart on fire and create your hearts desire? 

Do you have the knowledge and wisdom to become free from the any addiction? Would you like to live a life free of addiction?

Your journey can start now, change forever.
The impact that this can have on someones life is immeasurable.
It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a company or more… 

But only if you know how to get from where you are to where you wanna be. Do you understand that change is an inside job pursue. 

  • Killing The Gangster Within will help you find the power within and shine like the star you are

  • Killing The Gangster Within will show you to embrace your greatness and prusuit your dreams 

  •  Killing The Gangster Within will Teach you to turn you mess in to a messages and your pain into purpose
As Sir Winston Churchill once said:

To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a change for become special and unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour. 
Your change matters, and this training is your figurative tap on the shoulder.
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Dwayne Jack Has Already Helped Countless People
Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"
If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams And Claims You See online Lately, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real people...
Kelly Jones
"A Great Mum Has Completely Change"
"A Families Life has Changed "
Kelly had a life changing experience in November 2016. After being at the bottom of her stare case with a bottle of vodka broken from being in a relationship of domestic violence and cocaine abuse. Kelly’s 3 children witnessing all the abuse, she gave up and lost her faith and belief in life.

She desperately wanted change but didn’t know how.
Kelly was browsing on Face Book and came across Dwayne’s videos then she called him and booked appoint and came to see him with in 24 hours. She pulled up at Dwayne’s with her mom and children in her Car as if she was pulling up at the A&E.

Not knowing, by coming to see Dwayne was going to change her whole life. She spent one hour with Dwayne and he shifted her mind set that gave her hope of a future she left empowered and inspired too change. Then implementing what she learnt throughout the weeks she grow stronger and wiser. She gave up alcohol cocaine, gambling and a 12-year abusive relationship.
She started feeling good about herself, slowly and steadily. As months passed by, things inside her started to change as she lived on a happy journey…
Only nine months ago she was living in hell being emotionally physically sexually abused and her children being neglected. Now her whole life has been transformed. She is single parent confident and experiencing life like never before. Living on a new level of conscious and the power within.

Also conscious of her children’s development and well being, diet, excises, work. She is also studying a management course and even going to open up her own salon.
"I Never expected that anything could change the way it did. 
I didn't know what to expect when I reached out for Dwayne's help " .

"How One Phone Call Literally
Saved my Live" 

Billy's life saw the lowest point; when he wanted to commit suicide, through alcohol and cocaine abuse.
He couldn’t handle the lose of his kids, family, house, company and money, all that was dear to him. Due to drug and alcohol misuse. So why live, He thought?
Then, through social media seeing Dwayne’s work, he gained the courage to call and ask for help and thank God He did.
Within 20 minutes after the call, Dwayne met with him discussed a few things then Dwayne made a call to a Residential Rehab Centre. Dwayne drove him to Derby, the very next day,  Where he stayed for six weeks. 

" From a Dark Place to A Great Father Again" 
All through Dwayne kept in very close contact with him & his family and helped them through the journey, where he helped Billy find discover his the power within.
 Now, Billy has his two beautiful children back in his life and working as Forman in the city and living an amazing life.

The guy is just out of this world " This man will save your life". 
Now I Can Enjoy and Have Control Over My Own Life
" How My Parents Almost Gave up Hope" 
Jessica was in aspire children’s home, due to child hood abuse, neglect with anger problems. Trying to numb her pain with drugs and alcohol misuse things got out of control were Jessica was sleeping all day and up all night. 
Melanie and Dwayne delivered a 6 week Road Light, program where Melanie helped her manage her anger and address her substances misuse. She also so had some 1 to 1 sessions that helped unblock some underlined issued that was causing certain behaviours. 

It was a life-changing experience for her, 2 years later now living in a semi-independent also working in a hair dressers which Road Light got for her and now she is in the middle of her exams where she will be a qualified hairdresser. Only 3 days off sick in the whole year!
She's even in the process of getting her own flat. What a powerful transformation! Her relationships with family is also reunited again.
Jessica wouldn’t be where she is today; if it was not for the help she got from Road Light. She is truly grateful to Dwayne & Melanie
" She finally learned what it takes to to be herself again" . 

Finally Drugs and Alcohol Free 
How I Got fromTaking Lot's of Medication
to a Kicking Life Again
I‘I watched Dwayne’s video and then appeared a ray of hope; I wanted to live again’
It was all so dark just a year ago! I was battling depression; I saw all around me; depressed faces, poverty and more; I sank more and more. I, Aaron, wondered about the other side of the world. I wanted to be normal; I wanted to breathe, it was tough though; I always thought not insurmountable! Just a ray of hope, a faint one. I was on tablets for depression and also the ones to sleep. They put me to sleep; life became a distant dream. And then, I watched Dwayne’s video and then appeared a ray of hope; I wanted to live again. It just clicked. After a few days, a miracle happened; I am alive and kicking now; who thought this would happen! Meeting Dwayne has changed my life; he is a genius. Thanks for all that you have done for me buddy.

Aaron May
" From the Dark to The light
How Life Changed After a Power Hour With Dwayne
How My Girlfriend Save My Life
Ricky aged 21, was in a very dark place. Addicted to cocaine and alcohol. His girlfriend told him if he didn’t go and see Dwayne then they were finished.

He wasn’t just on the verge of just losing his girlfriend but his family and also his friends nobody trusted him. When his girlfriend said if you don’t go and see Dwayne then it’s finished. 
He knew he had no choice but to go. He got picked up from the pub and was intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine. Dwayne found out weeks later. He spent one hour with Dwayne that changed his whole life. When he got into his girlfriend’s car after the session, he brock down in tears.
The Meeting with Dwayne was a big eye-opener for him. He realised that it was time to change his life. He took on bored the knowledge and insights that Dwayne shared. 
He has stopped smoking, drinking and taking cocaine! 
He took this journey one step at a time. Dwayne has been such a support, philosopher and a guide. 
He and his girlfriend are now living a happy life doing the garden going on Holidays. 
The support of Dwayne is very motivating he said miracles do happen .
The support of Dwayne is very motivating he said miracles do happen

" you are like Superman, you can do anything"
"Over 1,000 People Have Joined Our Mission!"
Shaz Khan Testimonial
I decided to talk to Dwayne after sitting in on the brilliant sessions he had delivered many people. 

During Dwayne’s sessions on forgiveness, gratitude and communication, his words made me reflect on aspects of my own life that I was putting to the back of my mind for many years.

We met in Starbucks where I discussed some personal struggles I was facing and felt that Dwayne’s approach in life and advice made me evaluate the things that are really important to me. 

Deep down I felt my worries were a result of a burdening guilt that had been instilled in me by my parents as a child.

Dwayne’s words truly resonated with the heart and the meeting was a reminder of where the guilt rooted from; with me letting go, I could follow my true hearts path toward love and creativity.
Shaz Khan
Progress Schools
 I Was at the Lowest Point in my Life
My names Kiel and from the age of 17/18 I have been in and out of prison, for a longtime I felt that my only option in life was to continue going down the wrong path and living a life of crime and hurting those closest to me, my mindset was very negative and I could see a way out. 

I wasn’t truly happy living the way I was because I knew deep down this wasn’t the life I wanted and people around me told me I was a good person but I just couldn’t see it, I felt lonely and angry at the world and people around me and was living up to a reputation that other people thought of me. 

I recently came out of prison in November 2016 and I was at the lowest point in my life I knew I wanted change but I didn’t no how, then I went on Facebook and see one of Dwayne’s videos and I grew up with Dwayne and seeing the change he made in his life gave me some hope that I could also make the same change, so I contacted Dwayne the next day and he came right round to see me and we spoke in his car and ever since that day I stepped out the car my whole mindset has changed and I’m a lot more positive and with the help of Dwayne i am getting my life back on track and being the person I truly am meant to be 

Dwayne always has time to speak to me and if I ever have any worries he is one call away or he will make time to come and see me I thank Dwayne for being my inspiration and a positive role model in my life and when look back at the person I used to be that person is now a stranger to me. 

I’m very much looking forward to my future now and finally being happy and rebuilding my life, and continuing my journey with Dwayne and Road light.

As You Can See...
Road Light Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
So if you are in a similar situation in your life then Roadlight can help you on the journey. 

You are not alone, we are in this together

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is NO CATCH!
I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • The reason I’m giving away this free training is because I care about you, that’s right, you. Because we are one and by helping you I’m helping myself. Life is about giving and supporting and this is my way off helping you, to take your life on a whole new level
  • You are unique and talented, you may or may not know that. So I want to encourage you to unblock anything that may be holding you back from being your best version.
  • This is my gift to your soul that’s your true authentic self, that deserves to be expressed in your life time and for others to experience the real you. I want to be a vessel to spark that light within you, this is why I’m giving you this free content. That if applied can change your life.
  • I’m going to be totally honest with you. It frustrates me to witness so many people out there claiming to be these self-development gurus, targeting innocent people out there who are desperately seeking a break through, but are taken advantage of due to their vulnerability. Well I would like you to just check out my miraculous story and the testimony of some of my clients. This is why I’m giving away free content because I want you to be the next life I’ve helped transformed
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Dwayne Jack
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