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Learn how to design , publish and marker your own adult coloring books with this complete Adult coloring Book Publishing Video Course 
Why You Should Choose This Course:
A few month ago I noticed that the best selling book on Amazon was an Adult Coloring Book. This book not only ranked #1 in one but multiple categories.
So I figured that this would be a good time to invest this trend a little bit more.
I analyzed the different kinds of books and especially I focussed on the kind of coloring books that sell. I distinguished 3 different styles and created a blueprint on how to create these books in just about 1 hour time using various techniques and programs. With my blue print it would be possible to create one book every day or even more if you would like.

Easy to follow steps ?

Not to worry! Paul will explain every step from the design to the publishing and marketing of your book ...

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No design or programming skills required.

Don't worry about the design skills that you are lacking or the programming skills that you don't have. This course can be done by anyone without technical skills
See how easy the designs are created in the videos below
Creating mandalas
Creating Pattern Designs
Pictures from Photos

Just imagine what would happen in a year from now

Imagine that you publish one book a week - that's 52 book a year. even if you only sell 1 copy a day you would make:

1 book sale a day x 7 days = 7 copies per week
7 copies x 52 books = 364 sales per week
364 sales per week x 4 dollar profit = 1456 dollar a week in profit.
So by next year you could retire from your job, fire your boss or move to a sunny place far away from your old financial troubles and that is if you take it really slow and just publish one book a week.
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