How to build a website with clickfunnels

How to build a website with clickfunnels

Just a little post to show The power of funnels!!!
So i got the question from a few people that believe that clickfunnels is limited and can not be used to build traditional websites.
So in this post I will show you how to build a website with clickfunnels.

Some people just don’t get the fact that you don’t need a traditional website that has sliders , to much options etc.

how to build a website in clickfunnels

Building a traditional website in clickfunnels

So I build the entire traditional homepage with sliders and the entire shabang in clickfunnels..

Can’t be done?? Check this funnel/website and you see that anything can be done in clickfunnels.

It looks like a normal website but it uses the best clickfunnels practices like gathering leads and funneling the customers into the customer aquisition funnel.

this is the main homepage

And this is the client acquisition funnel:
The customer gets to see a video with the results of the students they have helped.


step 1
Step 2

After that Step 3 where they fill in a little quiz with some extra details : .

And then the final step is booking the actual phone call.
This is using calendly so that the phonecalls are scheduled on the right available times..

After that they will be clo

sed on the phone , keep in mind that these are hot hot hot leads..

I have gathered 625 new leads for this company and they have opened a fourth location now !!

I ran a simple fb ad that just

Worked like a charm , the ad got shared and potential customers even got tagged in the ad.stated the results that parents want to get with study guidance ….
So in this case how to get amazing results after using just 1 study technique, even if you have all bad grades to start with.

They got so man

y calls that i had to switch of the ad but still they got new customers because the ad got shared and people got tagged.
Also we implemented a 30 step email sequence that shows the results of different students.

Nice problem to have.
So I created a different campaign a

nd funnel for them to find new employees and study coaches to handle the demand.

After we got the new employees we noticed that not everybody was willing to get the 2500 euro / year study coaching but they would be interested in a digital training.

So I created a perfect webinar for them where they sold the 495 euro digital training.

How to create a webinar funnel with clickfunnels.

Here is the clickfunnels webinar Funnel that i have build for them.

So the bottom line is that you just need the right hook , story, and value ladder to turn customers that said no to the yearly coaching by offering them the same value just packaged differently.

Hope this inspires everybody with a local business to build out a value ladder and offer the same service in a different format.

And the best bit of it is that I just followed the Expert Secrets Book step by step to create all this, with a little bit of my funnelhacking skills.

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