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How to close clients on the phone or during a consultation with this 4 question close script

How to close clients on the phone

Dads killed the dab!!  

You might notice that when a dad does the dab it kinda kills the entire Dab.   Why is that??   Because we overdo it.

Same in business.  Sometimes you can talk so much that you lose the client.

For example, a year back i had a meeting with a friend of mine who had this friend who was looking to optimize his website.

And because i was the first name to popup in his mind he setup a meeting for us. 

On the day of the meeting i was ready to rock.  I came prepared since i spend half the night figuring out how i would convince the client to work with me. 

I already looked for keywords for the google adwords campaign and did a complete website audit to see what i already could easily improve.

Stuff like backlinks and pageranks…. 

and that is what i now call technobabble.

So really early next day i was at the company where the meeting would be held.

Because i like showing up early and prepared i started going over all the improvements and added a few things that i forgot during my nightly brainstorm session.

I noticed a was getting more nervous by the minute. Afraid to forget something i started walking up and down .  

My hands started to sweat 😓 while thinking about all the impressive stuff i would spill out when he would show up.

So after about 10 minutes he finally showed and i was even more ready for a breakdown.

What if he thought my prices where to high? Should i lower them, just to make sure he would take my services.  

That thought alone just really put me of track.

When the meeting started i felt like i had to tell him every skill i had and how i would use that in his advantage. 

2 hours of ideas 💡,  one after another and i thought finally that i was on fire and just reeling him in.

After 2 hours of adrinalibe fed passion i was ready to hear a yes so i stopped and looked at my new client……

There was some kind of glaze in his eyes and i could just tell that the last 2 hours of brainstorming and spilling everything on the table didn’t really have the effect i hoped for. 

He didn’t really get it, thats what i thought .  And i was already setting of to an 2 hour explanation.  

But before i could spill even more ideas he said that it was time for his next meeting, he was already late. 

So we awkwardly decided that i would send him a proposal. 

And before i even got home ready to start on the proposal my phone 📱 buzzed and the app i received said.

Paul thanks for your time but i dont think we are ready to do all of this .   You have great ideas 💡 but….. we dont want to continue. 

I just killed the dab.  

I have been spilling my brains on his table and he never got one word i said.

TECHNOBABBLE killed the sale  

So how to avoid this? 

The secret is the 4 question close script.

This live explains how to use it.
Get your FREE Expert Secrets book with the entire close script here

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