How to start Selling Digital Products as an affiliate – easiest way to make money online

Selling Digital Products as an affiliate – easiest way to make money online

When you don’t like your 9 to 5 job anymore and you are thinking about how to make money online, there are a few options that you can choose from.

Dropshipping products and setting up your shopify store would be one of the options that could make you money online .
But there is a big downfall when going into ecommerce and shopify dropshipping.
You have to deal with suppliers , customers, and even customs since you are probably shipping china made products to your customers.

So dealing with all these people and authorities can be a real pain and that is why you should avoid these things if you are looking to live your life without having to deal with 1001 questions of products and orders.

So what is the next option that doesn’t have all these bad nasty customers?
Well selling digital products and you don’t even have to create products yourself.
You can just sell other peoples courses and products and get a commission when making a sale.
This means you can keep a 100% of your commissions and you don’t even do any fulfillment of products since that is all done for you.

How to get into affiliate marketing and what products should you promote?

Actually almost any product you can think of is an affiliate product.

So for example : I am using a microphone to create this video and if I like it I could go to and signup for the amazon affiliate program.
Here I would get an unique link or affiliate link for that microphone that is sold on amazon.
By simple pasting the link under a youtube video promoting the microphone I could already make some commissions.

And that’s how it all works.
Companies pay you to do their marketing.

Although this amazon affiliate program is a great example , the commissions on amazon are horribly low and you will only make 4-10% on one sale.

Download the complete list of best affiliate programs 


how to scale this up affiliate marketing?

I created a complete list with the best paying affiliate programs and products that pay 40 to 60% in commissions and even do recurring commissions.

so for example if I get somebody to use clickfunnels , then clickfunnels pays me 40% recurring commission every month.
So one referral customer could be worth a few hundred bucks.

And that is how to scale your affiliate marketing.

The other thing you should be focussing on when doing affiliate marketing is the fact that you need to build your emaillist.
Why ? Simple, if you get the customers email address you can keep marketing different related products to him.
So someone who signs up for my list and doesn’t buy clickfunnels might buy some traffic course, bot automation course or any other related product.

Want more information on how to do affiliate marketing and scale it up to a real business?

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